Sitting quietly at my desk, gently fondling my coffee mug, as the wayward steam floating softly before my eyes like a thin mist penetrates deepest thought. Stirring beliefs that seemed no longer my own, escaping my consciousness, broodingly gazing blankly beyond the reedy mist and grubby windowpane, to a sliver of sliver of moon peeping through the blue velvet blackness, as stars arrange themselves in orderly discord, waiting for…the fire to ignite and blaze past the shimmering mist.

Sometimes things seem hard


Her mind drifted to a time that could have been, if only. “If only, if only, if only…” filled her world, her thoughts and consequently her dreams. She felt possessed by the fate “if only,” her life revolving about wrong decisions. Or, could it really be that no matter which decision she made, it would ultimately lead to disaster?

Could this time be different? Maybe this time, but that’s what she always thought.