Why “Gen” Wars?

Are you a baby boomer, a gen x, y or millennial?

I am what is referred to as a baby boomer, a flower child, one of the children of the revolution. However, I abhor these generated generation labels and believe I am a person, a human being, an individual, a citizen of earth;  I do not wish to be classified by created labels that set one imaginary group against another.

A blame game between generations has been introduced by some in the media, a media controlled by wealth. These artificial labels cause friction and distraction from important issues. Each generation contains individuals that are free thinking, open minded and also others who are not, and many in between.

We are all human people, and we are side-tracked from the real problems of the world, while we are busy pointing fingers at each other, as the baby boomers, the gen x, y and millennials. These artificial tags distract us from world hunger, climate change, gender inequality, health care issues, the rising income inequality, which is the cause of economic and social ills. Most importantly it divides us, causing hostility as each artificial divider points blame at the other.

Together we are hope, we are love and kindness, and we can help, we are us, we are the people of the world working together for better outcomes.

Please no more gen labels, no more gen wars.


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